Phizart Balloon Bagz

Introducing a brand new balloon bag designed by Caroline Porter and made by

Phizart Bagz  

It comes in two sizes and a choice of colours.  Each Bagz has net pockets on the front and both sides and either one or two velcro pockets on the back.  This lid inside is fitted with loops to hold pens and a small pump and a pocket for business cards.  There are also two removeable sections, one for a pump and the other for scraps, that can be attached to a belt if required.  The cover is optional, has a pocket on the side and can also be embroidered with your logo.  There is also a removeable carrying strap.

Here is the Standard Phizart Bagz fully loaded

Standard Phizart Bagz sitting on a Zuca (does not fit inside Zuca when loaded)

Here is the Smaller Phizart Bagz

Please contact me for prices

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